The National Land & Water Resources Audit (the Audit) in cooperation with CSIRO Land & Water, Geoscience Australia and the University of Tasmania were involved a number of projects as part of the Estuarine, Coastal and Marine Work plan. This web site has been set up to provide access to quicklooks for Quickbird Imagery acquired as part of the projects as well as some other documents. The later includes information on the Field Spectroradiometer Loan Service - refer Fact sheets on navigation panel.

Note: the Audit ceased operations on 30 June 2008. As such this site is now under the OzCoasts program being run by Geoscience Australia.

Update (21 May 2010)

New text on how to use the web mapping application:

  1. Navigation controls - available near to top of the map. Includes zoom in , zoom out , pan, and select tools (Note: the select icon is not present unless a layer has been made active. See Step 3 below).
  2. Use the Go To drop down list on the right side of the application to zoom to an region (If needed you can use the zoom tool to zoom in further).
  3. To select an image - use the layer manager in the right hand panel. Check to Quickbird layer to make it visible. A green tick will appear in the legend
  4. Click on blue 'i' icon next to the Quickbird layer to make the layer 'active' (It will change from greyed-out to blue).
  5. Making the layer 'Active' in the layer manager will also add an 'i' control near the pan tool i.e. the navigation tools above the map. When visible in the navigation panel this icon can be clicked to toggle between on and off modes.
  6. When the 'i' control tool is 'active' (it turns yellow) you can select click on an image to select it. (Selected images will change to blue)
  7. Use the right hand information panel to browse to the quicklook image which will open in a new page

For those wanting to link directly to the web mapping application it can be accessed using the following link:

Google KML File - Alternatively click here to download a KML with links to the Quicklooks

(23 July 2009)

It has been brought to our attention that some of the Quickbird images supplied under this project have an artefact present known as Circuit Boarding which can result in a loss of pixel information. Click here for additional information

(18 March 2009)

The Quickbird order has been finalised with SKM, processed by DigitalGlobe and delivered to Geoscience Australia (GA).

GA have recently finalised a process to enable the Quickbird imagery to be made available to authorised users subject to certain license conditions.

Quicklooks for the actual images are now viewable on HTML Quickbird Results link on the navigation panel to the left.

Quickbird Image Queries

For any queries about accessing data and licence requirements, please refer to the information in Geoscience Australia’s (GA) web site or contact the GA Sales Centre on 1800 800 173 or

Should you have any queries with this web site or wish to report any problems please contact:

Christopher Auricht - NRM Consultant Phone 0417 817 579